Stamping Four Leaf Clovers


I saw a few years ago that you could use bell peppers to stamp four leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day and thought it looked like a fun activity to do with the kids, but I had never gotten around to doing it. This year, both my boys are old enough to enjoy painting so we gave it a try.

The must have supplies for the project are simple:

• Paint: specifically green since you’re painting clovers, although if your kids are like mine, they’ll want more colors, and preferably get washable paint, unless you want your house to stay looking like pair of 80’s jeans.

• Bell peppers: I went with green in keeping with the theme, but yellow, red, or orange would work just as well.

• Paper

• Paint brushes

• Old shirts to cover up the kid’s clothes

• Knife to cut the pepper in half

I started with cutting the pepper in half crosswise. Make sure to use a knife long enough to cut all the way through in one pass so the surface is even. Don’t ask how I know this, but it will not stamp well if the surface is not flat.

Clean the seeds out of the pepper and then paint the edge of the pepper, or let your kids do it, depending on their ages.

Stamp the pepper onto the paper. Make sure to press down on all edges so the whole outline gets printed on the paper. You can then use a brush and paint a stem on the clover.

My kids had fun stamping and then painting more after they finished. I happened to mention to my 5 year old that it was possible to cut shapes in the end of potatoes and use them to stamp. He now wants to cut train shapes in the end of potatoes and stamp them. That will be a fun and easy project I’m sure – and maybe even another blog.


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